Abandoned Ohio Cover.jpg

Exploring the Weird and Abandoned of Ohio

Exploring the Weird & Abandoned

Abandoned Ohio Cover.jpg

Christian overlooks the gloomy roof of the abandoned National Acme Industrial Plant. Oxford the drone makes an appearance in the background.


The exploration of the weird and abandoned of Ohio comes from a strong desire deep down to see a world left behind, and at the same time allowing new life to take on these urban locations, giving them new meaning. 

The first location on our adventure was the Chippewa Lake Amusement Park, located in Medina County Ohio. With a little drone scouting we were able to find an entrance into the park, abandoned in in 1978. Nature has now taken over, and most of the buildings, including the one pictured above, have been demolished - left to the overgrown greenery. Below are some of the results of our first adventure, ferris wheel and all!


The Cleveland Aquarium, the second stop on our journey. This photo, taken in 1967 shows a very different scene then what one is greeted with today. The Aquarium was officially closed in 1985, soon becoming a location where the Cleveland Poliece trained K-9 units. It was then again abandoned in the 90s. When arriving at the aquarium we were not sure if it was still being used for K-9 training, as it prominently had a sign saying that it was in use - though the building's structure said otherwise. Now it sits in a park with a baseball field and kids running around it. It's odd that so many abandoned locations are now in public spaces, sitting hidden in plain sight.