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BTR Projects - Welcome to the Early Build!

Hi there! I'm Bryan, the creator and curator of BTR Projects. This site is very new, and if you see or feel that something is not working properly, tell me! Comment below or drop me an email at 

The state of the site right now is what I would consider a "Beta" -  version (v 0.8). Many of the sections still have photos without full descriptions, and/or may contain typos. The photos that are up are subject to change, as well as the descriptions of them.

As for navigation you can view the portfolio, the about section, and others at the top right. To get to the main homepage just click the big BTR PROJECTS: PHOTOGRAPHY & CINEMATOGRAPHY

The Store is also not operational at the moment, but will be in the near future!

Thank you for your patience and help. 

Welcome to BTR Projects!


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