BTR Updates

First Major Update Coming Soon

Thank you everyone who has visited! The official launch was only the beginning, and I am proud to announce that the site will be moving at full steam. I plan to introduce new categories in the portfolio, including iPhone photography, though hopefully somewhat different than your typical Instagram. The best camera is the one you have with you, and smartphone photography is only getting bigger. Here is an example of a weirder, abstract iPhone photography. 


Also, I plan to include new photos in the existing portfolio sections, as well as a full on Landscape portfolio section.

As for the ongoing sale, it will continue for a few more weeks, and then after that, every few weeks there will be a featured collection, and the photos in the store from that collection will be on sale! 

One of the many photos to be featured in the landscape collection. 

One of the many photos to be featured in the landscape collection. 

The first featured collection will be the Hong Kong Collection.

Considering there is already a sale, the prints in the store from this collection will be put on an even bigger sale - $7.50 for an high quality print! 

he store wide sale will last until the end of February, and every month there will be a new featured collection at the regular sale price. Prints $10. Digital Copies: $2. 

Thank you for everyone who has liked the Facebook page and helped support the side! We have surpassed 150 likes on the page, and hopefully that number will only grown with time! 

Thank you again for your support!

     -Bryan Rubin