Welcome to the Future of Music - Virtu.Academy

A video project I worked on for Virtu.Academy. Check them out if your interested in private, online video music lessons from top conservatories!

Wolf Run; July 2018

A video of Wolf Run in Lorain County near Oberlin. This majestic land covers acres of feilds, forests, canyons and water bodies. Enjoy! Everything was shot via drone with audio from an extenal mic.

Oberlin College Carbon Neutrality Solutions

Work Sample from my time with Oberlin College's Office of Environmental Sustainability (OES). This video shows Carbon Neutrality Solutions that Oberlin College is in the process of evaluating in order to reach the College’s Carbon Neutrality Commitment by 2025.

Photo Music

This is a video made by the Famous BAD Productions - Bryan, Avery and Denver.
The video was made at the Dwight Englewood School and all the sounds from the video that make the music were recorded in the video. The sounds are of common items and of items you would find in a Dark Room, or in general a room used for Photography/video. 
Comment, like and what not, enjoy -
BAD Productions


Flat Rock Brook - Hidden Jewel of Englewood NJ

Flat Rock Brook - Hidden Jewel of Englewood NJ is a non for profit nature sanctuary. I was tasked with making a promotional video for Flat Rock Brook (FRB). I tried to capture the beautiful scenery while getting important interviews with those that make Flat Rock Brook possible. Thanks for viewing!

Using Data for Collaborative Action: At Universities

Video work done with EPA.